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Paintball Team


Jeff Porter
Peter Smyth
Michael Jordan
Chris Heard
Bill Cockins
Craig Bell
Jason Chatten
CJ Bell
Rod Hadath
Mike Howardth
Tanner Alford

Urban Menace, a tournament paintball team based in the Quinte region (Belleville, Picton and Trenton) of Eastern Ontario.

Urban Menace was formed in 2001 to rock the Bay of Quinte Paintball League and to attend some other Ontario based tournaments. The three founding members; Jeff Porter, Peter Smyth and Michael Jordan decided to form a new team early in the year 2001. These three players (the majority of the 5 man roster from the Championship team from the BQPL the year before.) decided to start Urban Menace a team that would deecided its own direction. After deciding to return to the BQPL we hoped to finish in at lease one of the top three places, we did just that. Urban Menace entered the finals in first place after regular season play and after the finals finished in Second place.Not to shabby for a newly formed team. The team's goals where simple have fun, enjoy the game and respect each other and the opposition.

  1. Have Fun
  2. Play at Skyball
  3. Play all of the GTPL events.
  4. Promote the Sport of Paintball
  5. Move up the food chain!

Having finished the 2000 season with the majority of the team that had won the BQPL championship, Urban Menace was ready to step up to the BQPL plate and also try some of the other tournament series which were playing in Quebec and Ontario. Urban Menace played a number of Golden Triangle Paintball League (GTPL) series events and the Champions Paintball Supply series of Zap sponsored events.  

After a eventful team meeting where it was decided that a new direction was needed Jeff, Pete and Michael started forming the new team. With only 3 months until the start of the of the BQPL, the new team Urban Menace had very little time to get organized.

With proven dedicated to each other and the sport we love so much it was obvious that Urban Menace had the qualities of a strong winning team. Urban Menace only played one GTPL event last year coming in first for are division and coming in 60th overall in the GTPL series. In 2001 we lost some players do to other responsibilities and commitments, but gain a serious and good player like Bill Cockins (don't even think about playing rec. paintball game with this guy, you will loose). Jeff an Pete decided they would sit out and let us the younger guys play most of the games and they would mentor the players and devise the strategies and give constant feed back to the team. With this kind of determination and friendship is what makes Urban Menace the team that it is today. The player roster at the middle of the 2001 BQPL season now consisted of 5 serious paintballers, Jeff Porter, Peter Smyth, Chris Heard, Bill Cockins and Michael Jordan.

In the 2002 season you will see two new players added to the Urban Menace Roster who where from the famous and very hard to beat "Team Hardcore". There Captain Craig Bell and the team anchor Jason Chatten. You may also see some guest appearances by their team sprinter CJ Bell at some of the events. We feel honored to have players of such high caliber want to hangout and play some serious paintball with us. 

For the 2001/2002 season Urban Menace has been sponsored by an number of companies no the leaset of which is Outback Paintball. Thanks to Eugene and Lisa the owners of Outback Paintball Urban Menace will be playing all of the GTPL events. We would also like to mention some of are other sponsors and ask that you help support their businesses; Howling Jack Paintball, Office Equipment, Picton Home Hardware, Town and Country Video and Island Signs.

"I see the future and it is very cool..." Michael Jordan,webmaster and field captain.