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Golden Triangle Urban Menace Style


Golden Triangle Paintball League

This page is dedicated to the Golden Triangle Paintball League (GTPL). They Rock. Urban Menace has set our sights on this great League that Covers a area from Milton Ontario, to Laselle Quebec and all places between.

The GTPL is a well run fun time for all our hats of to the Organizers. We played our first GTPL event as Urban Menace in Kingston last year. We rocked coming in first in our division and moving on to the Semi Finals, there the fatigue of the day set in. When you expect to get your ass kicked and end 60th out of a 103 teams for the year and we only played one game "It leaves a warm fuzzy feeling". We received 3 points making it into the Semi's where all teams get a point for just showing up.

We where hooked and we decided that this was the next logical step in our progression on ward and upward. We talked to Eugene Potter from Outback Paintball in Trenton (Returning Once again to the GTPL after a year hiatus). They liked our style and where looking for a third team to Sponsor for all 8 events. So we where in.

We then had the chance to have some seasoned "Extra Spicy" players from a Team that constantly game us a run for the money. The team was Hardcore, and that was also there name. Two of the Guys CJ and Craig Bell helped us play 5 man for the first time at Skyball 2002. With no practices or even playing together as a team we did well. "For more info see Skyball".