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Team News
Urban Menaces Paintball Daily Tip:
What's new with the Team?


Were Back (X2)

Urban Menace is placing two teams into the BQPL this year.

Urban Menace Alpha
Craig Bell
CJ Bell
Jeff Porter
Mike Howarth
Tanner Alford

Urban Menace Omega
Michael Jordan
Peter Smyth
Bill Cockins
Rod Hadath
Chris Lamer



Roster Change for Urban Menace

Due to time cometments Jeff Porter has stepped down as Captain for the 2003 season. But you will see him show up time to time.

Michael Jordan has been voted as the acting Captain for Urban Menace, and Craig Bell as Assistent Captain for the 2003 Season.



Skyball 2003

January 24, 2003


It looks like we will not be attending Skyball 2003. We had the rooms booked and everything. But as of Jan 24th we showing short on bodies for 5 man even with 10 people on the roster. Ah it happens, so we are going to focus more on the Zap tournaments and the GTPL if it still exists.