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Skyball 2002

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Tournament of Champions

days 'til Paint Storm (Ottawa)

days 'til Stealth Canada (St. Catharines)

days 'til Bunkers Hideaway (Marmora)

days 'til TBA (TBA)

days 'til Champions (Klienburg)

days 'til Wasaga Beach(Wasaga)

TOC Urban Menace Style
As Per the PBL website (Dates and Locations to be confirmed)
days 'til TBA May (TBA) days 'til TBA June (TBA)
days 'til TBA July (TBA) days 'til TBA August (TBA)

days 'til TBA Sept (TBA)

days 'til TBA Oct (TBA)
GTPL Urban Menace Style

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