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Tanner Alfrod

Front Right

Player Number:


More Player Info

Tanner is the newest team member to Join Urban Menace. Tanner has a few years experience and works at Bunkers Hideaway during the summer.

Look for some great things from this guy.

More info and photos as well as the season progresses.


Equipment Of Choice:


Black 2k2 STO
N ickel palmers micro rock LPR
eblade 3-way
STO ram
WGP bolt
STO internals
black E-blade frame w/new eye(frame and everything installed and tuned by badlands)
black KAPP gas thru grip
KAPP ball detent
14" Dye Boomstick
68 45 blk/silver newstyle maxflow
Dye tank cover
Dye 2k3 pants
Dye 2k3 jersey
Dye invision
Dye ATC's
blue & black 12v revys

New Spare Equipment:


Changes Daily