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Rod Hadath

Front Middle

Player Number:


More Player Info

Rod was one of the original Urban Menace players. After taking time off for school Rod is back. His nick name is trouble and the opposing teams that have played against Rod know why. He is fast, accurate and boarder line crazy. If you tell him to run to a position he is usually there laughing at the player that he just bunkered, and teasing the remainder of the opposition.

Equipment Of Choice:

Photo on its way

WDP 2003 Green Angel LCD Cross Fire 88 3000 psi HPA sys.

12 volt Revolution Hopper
JT Spectra flex goggle system
Extreme Rage 4 pod Harness
Fatboy Pods
Dye 2k3 jersey
Dye 2k3 pants
Dye 2k2 core division gloves
Renegade knee/shin padsAnd barrel condom for safety "Always Play Safe"