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Peter Smyth


Player Number:


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Pete is the one player that all the others respect. He has played for various paintball teams during the past 10 years giving Pete the experience to help guide Urban Menace to be one of the best. Pete has been active in paintball for too many years to count including playing in the Golden Triangle events as well as SKYBALL. Pete has even owned a field in the Picton area for a few years and is an active paintball dealer. Having played on a different team with Mike and Jeff during the 2000 season; Urban Menace was born consisting of  the majority of the players leaving the old Team. The first season with the newly formed team in the BQPL Pete decided that he would coach and let the new players get the field time.

He is a tried and true Urban Menace player, devoted to the team, a team that likes to have fun. With Pete’s coaching and playing, Urban Menace will continue to thrive and move on to other bigger and better events. 

Urban Menace is lucky to have the experience of Pete on its own side. With his years of paintball experience he is an asset that we are glad no other team has access to. Pete it is great to have you on our side.


Equipment Of Choice:

WDP 2001 Angel LCD
CP chrome flame drop forward


DYE Volumizer

DYE Low Rise

15 Degree ????
Pure Energy 68 cu" 3000 psi 

WDP Grey Loc-Socks 
12 volt Revolution Hopper
JT Spectra flex goggle system
32 Degree Jersey
JT Premier 2001 Gloves
Extreme Rage 4 pod Harness
Virus Pods
JT Cargo pants
Renegade knee/shin pads

And barrel condoms for safety "Always Play Safe"