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Michael Jordan


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Michael Jordan is the acting (and it is acting) Captain and Web designer for the team Urban Menace, as well as Urban Menace Omega for the BQPL. With Help From Craig Bell as assistant Captain an Captain of Urban Menace Alpha for the BQPL. Mike was voted in as Captain to cover while Jeff Porter was unavailable for majority of the season. "Jeff's shoes are pretty big, I will keep the Chair warm until he returns. Jeff has been a major guiding force for the team. I hope I can carry on the tradition"

Mike had played recreational paintball for a few years with friends. "I was hooked the very first time that I played. I met Pete during my first few games and I really liked his style". Mike joined a former team with Pete and a few others for the 2000 season of the BQPL paintball championship series.

This is where Mike met Jeff, both Jeff and Mike where a little green to the speedball aspects of paintball, but proved their dedication by being at the field all most every night. Mike’s style and ability to analyze a changing environment, proves very useful on the speedball field. Mike’s non-orthodox style of play earned him a whole truckload of new friends. Mike’s a very passionate player with a strong sense of what is right. Mike would rather walk off the field with a sense of good sportsmanship than the need to come in first at any cost.

Mike is a Mid-Back player where his un-orthodox style really helps Urban Menace put the hurt on the opposition. Being able to come up with the unexpected is what wins speedball games and Mike is one of the best at it. Shooting a customized LCD Angel or his customized Matrix, Mike can lay paint with the best of them or pick the opposition off at the 50 yard line depending on what the circumstances call for.

Mike is one of the founding members of Urban Menace and brings a ton of passion to the field. Mike is an awesome player and Urban Menace is lucky to have him as a team member.

(Written buy Craig Bell)

Equipment Of Choice:

WDP 2001 Angel LCD
WDP Lightning Trigger / trigger mod by Craig
32 Degrees black flame drop forward

32 Degrees ASA ON/OFF
DYE Volumizer
WDP Gated Feed Low Rise (Same as IR3) black
Cross Fire 68 4500 psi (New March1,03)
Dye Rhino Tank Cover
12 volt Evolution II Hopper
JT Spectra flex goggle system
32 Degree Jersey
JT Premier 2001 Gloves
Extreme Rage 4 pod Harness
Fat Boy Pods
Dye 2003 pants
Renegade knee/shin pads

And barrel condom for safety "Always Play Safe"

New Spare Equipment:

Airtech E-Matrix
32 Degrees black flame drop forward

32 Degrees ASA ON/OFF
Cross Fire 88 3000 psi (New Reg March1,03)

WDP Grey Loc-Socks
Aardvark Bolt Kit
Aardvark Trinity Reg
12 volt Revolution Hopper
And barrel condom for safety "Always Play Safe"


Spare Equipment Haven't used it in a year:

Airgun Designs Classic Automag
Benchmark 2 Fingered Trigger
PMI Ceramic 10" Barrel 

Tornado Valve
18 Degree Drop Forward

Also have DropZone II (not shown)
12 volt Evolution Hopper (not shown)
And Fat Boy barrel plug for safety