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Jeff Porter

Back Middle

Player Number:


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Jeff started Urban Menace just prior to the 2001 season. Having played on another team with Mike and Pete during the 2000 season, he had experienced the nastier side of a player that needed to win at any cost, this left a foul taste that Jeff refused to let taint the game that he loved so much. After seeing this one person’s view of the sport, and it is just that a sport. Jeff decided to start Urban Menace with the majority of the players leaving the old monarchy to join him. The first season with Urban Menace in the BQPL proved Jeff had what was lacking from the previous team, the spirit to listen to his team mates and the ability to place the team before himself. Jeff decided that he would lead by example acting as a coach and letting the newer players take his spot on the field. Jeff brought with him a vital ingredient that the newly formed Urban Menace was in need of; "Respect". 

Jeff is a tried and true Urban Menace player, devoted to the team; a team that likes to have fun. This is a difficult thing to find in our sport with players having huge ego's (to offset some players physical limitations) "trying to run the ship" and where a majority of teams don’t last more than a couple years. With Jeff’s dedication, Urban Menace has built a strong core and not had to actively recruit new players every season do to the industries normal "My way or the highway attitude". Urban Menaces team rooster has grown with the addition of other high caliber players have joining the team, bringing Urban Menace to a total roster of 10 players. We have achieved sponsorship from some large companies like Office Equipment and Home Hardware. Teams built on a one-sided foundation have to really worry about building a strong core because they often have to rebuild the team every year just to survive. Urban Menace is thriving; "we don't have to worry about next year, we’re here to stay". Jeff's only concern is if we have too many players to start a second team what will we call it (Urban Menace Alpha, Omega Sounds nice). A teams roster growth is one of the main benchmarks of a team that is clicking, expanding into new territory unafraid of new challenges; like the next level of tournaments win or loose its better than sitting at home.

Respect was not the only thing that Jeff brought with him; he also brought a desire to improve the image of paintball. This desire is what makes the team have such large growth. He embraces the sport like a teenager full of life and passion. He wants to build Urban Menaces skill level to be the best, and not just in the local leagues. Jeff wants to see Urban Menace able to compete on a higher level in tournaments such as Skyball and the NPPL. He wants us, the team, to succeed! This drive is what motivates the rest of the team to move forward, have fun and to never quit.

Jeff has decided to step down as acting Captain but will be giving us a hand when need. Mike Jordan was voted in acting Captain with Craig Bell as assistance Captain for the GTPL, TOC Series of events.


Equipment Of Choice:

WDP 2000 Angel 

CP black flame drop forward

Cross Fire 88 3000 psi HPA sys.

12 volt Revolution Hopper
JT Spectra flex goggle system
32 Degree Jersey
JT Premier 2001 Gloves
JT Slam pack Harness
JT Pods
JT Cargo pants
Renegade knee/shin pads

Barrel condom for safety "Always Play Safe"