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Jason Chatten


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Jason has been playing paintball for over 15 years (do you remember the Crossman 3357?) and in those 15 years has run a paintball field/business. Jason was a founding member of team Hardcore and has caused some major excitement by joining Urban Menace. Jason has an incredible ability to dig into his position on the field and it takes dynamite to get him out of it.

Jason is a back (anchor) player and uses his ability to "dig in" to his advantage. Many times Jason is on the field and the opposing team has no idea where he is until they are eliminated. Jason shoots a incredibly modified Automag, which is accurate and very reliable, very much like the way Jason approaches the game. Always reliable, able to fill the back row and hold the line under almost any circumstances.

Jason is in his rookie year as a member of Urban Menace and we’re really excited that he decided to join us. We know that Jason will help to complete our roster in a way that would have otherwise been hard to fill, great to have you on the team Jason.


Equipment Of Choice:

Photo In Transit


Cross Fire 68 3000 psi HPA sys.

Richochet Loader
JT Flex7 goggle system
32 Degree Jersey
Renegade knee/shin pads

Barrel condom for safety "Always Play Safe"