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Craig Bell

Ass. Captain (Hee Hee Hee)

Player Number:


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Craig was voted in as assistant Captain for the 2003 season. Craig is also the Captain for Urban Menace Alpha for the BQPL this year as well. One of the only regrets that I (Mike J) have this year is that we will not get to play against each other at the BQPL until the finals as we are in two separate divisions till the finals.

This photo gives you the idea of what you will be seeing when you play against Craig and when you can stick your head out... well that's another story you can talk to your teammates about in the dead box. 

Craig has played paintball for 13 years and was the captain of team Hardcore. He loves the sport and as you can tell we get a kick out of Craig. Easy going and one of the only people that can give Mike a run for his money for wild and crazy stunts. Craig will do anything for you and full of drive.

Craig is a Mid-back player which you can tell by his equipment setup. Craig lays tons of paint in a game and has been told on more than one occasion that the opposition could even get out of the bunker do to the amount of paint raining down on them. Craig has also taken on the position of Urban Menaceís head marker tinkerer. Craig has owned a number of different markers over the years and seems to have a knack for tweaking a trigger so much that even his teammates canít believe it.

Craig is in his rookie season as a member of Urban Menace and we are excited that Craig is with us. We will have many crazy stories to fill the website by the end of the year and somehow we know Craig will be a part of almost every one. 

Craig how much more stuff can you get for your gun?


Equipment Of Choice:

Red/black fade cricket-Vision Impulse
Full Freak Barrel System -Stainless back, Matching All-A tip
Red CP flame Drop forward with Chrome on/off
Eclipse Blade trigger
New Designs 15* ASA
Veritcal maxflow
KAPP LPR setup
New Designs Full back cap
Voodoo Bolt
Tarantula Lowrise
12 volt X-Board revolution
68 cu. in. 3000 psi HPA tank

Dye Invision mask system
Dye 2k3 jersey
Dye 2k3 pants
Dye 2k2 core division gloves
Dye 2k2 core division elbow, forearm pads
Redz 5.4 Dimension Pack
Redz 3.2 Dimension Pack
2k3 fatboy Pods
Renegade knee/shin pads

And barrel condom for safety "Always Play Safe"


Spare Equipment Haven't used it in a year:

Photo In Transit

Black non-vision Impulse
Full Freak Barrel System - Black back, matching All-A tip
2-Finger Hypersportsworks IFrame
Eclipse LPR front cap
MicroRock LPR
Demonic 15* asa
Centerflag inline regulator
Black CP flame drop on Black on/off
Voodoo bolt
68 cu. in. 3000 psi HPA tank

And barrel condom for safety "Always Play Safe"