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CJ Bell


Player Number:


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CJ has played paintball for 9 years and was one of the founding members of team Hardcore. CJ doesn't say much, strong, silent, easy going and lethal on the field. This is CJs rookie year with Urban Menace and we are very excited that CJ has hooked up with us.

CJ is a mid-front player and uses his 9 years of experience setting up plays that catch the opposition in complete surprise. A surprisingly fast guy for his size, most people discount him as a back player, that is until CJ eliminates them from their own 50 yard line. CJ shoots a customized cocker, done by Craig, to give him a small profile with amazing accuracy, give CJ an inch to shoot at and plan on taking a walk to the dead box.

CJ was the Urban Menace player that got both grabs and hangs for Urban Menace at Skyball, needed we say more?


Equipment Of Choice:

Photo In Transit

Custom 98 Autococker

Full Freak Barrel system

Eclipse "blade" Hinge Frame


WGP "Short" Three Way

AKA Lightning Bolt

Customize Valve

Titanium Cocking & Timing Rods
12 volt Revolution Hopper

Pure Energy 88 cu. In. 3000 psi. HPA system

JT Spectra flex gogglesystem
32 Degree Jersey Unique 5 pod slam pack
& barrel condoms for safety "Always Play Safe"


Spare Equipment Haven't used it in a year:

Photo In Transit

Full Freak Barrel System
12 volt Revolution Hopper

Crossfire 88 cu" 3000 psi 
barrel plug for safety