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Chris Heard

Super Man

Player Number:

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Chris Heard has been playing paintball for three years and has been part of the Urban Menace team from the start. Chris also known as Superman, Heardster or Speedy to his friends has a talent for turning around loosing situations into some of Urban Menace’s proudest victories.

Chris can move to center field amazingly fast, and can be heard taunting the opposition from the other side of there occupied bunker. Chris is a front player, using his amazing speed, almost always ends up at or near the 50 yard line on the breakout. And with Chris’ love of firing fast an furious lays down a wicked amount of paint at the same time.

If you make the mistake of giving Chris to much to shoot at or too much time, you can think about your mistake as you take the "walk of shame" of Chris’ field.


Equipment Of Choice:

Photo In Transit


WDP 2001 Angel LCD
CP chrome flame drop forward


DYE Volumizer

DYE Low Rise

15 Degree ????
Pure Energy 68 cu" 3000 psi 

WDP Grey Loc-Socks 
12 volt Revolution Hopper
JT Spectra flex goggle system
32 Degree Jersey
JT Premier 2001 Gloves
Extreme Rage 4 pod Harness
Virus Pods
JT Cargo pants
Renegade knee/shin pads

And barrel condoms for safety "Always Play Safe"