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Bill Cockins


Player Number:


More Player Info


Bill Cockins has been playing paintball for 12 years and after honing his skills as a recreational paintball player at Death Valley; a field in Roslin, Ontario Bill joined Urban Menace. Bill was a regular last year on the local paintball circuit when he wasn't slaving away in Quebec working for Lafarge a national cement company.

Why did Urban Menace want Bill on the team? Mostly because Michael was tired of being shoot in the back at point blank ranges during recreational games. Bill can move incredibly fast and silently, he also has a habit of popping up just where you looked 5 seconds earlier and planting a paintball square in your face.

Bill plays mostly in the mid-front position was his speed and sense of the field are his biggest assets. Not only can Bill move fast but he is super quick on the trigger of his new LCD angel. Watch out for Bill in your next game against Urban Menace.


Equipment Of Choice:

WDP 2002 Angel LCD
32 Degrees black flame drop forward

32 Degrees ASA ON/OFF
Cross Fire 68 4500 psi HPA sys.

12 volt Revolution Hopper
JT Spectra flex goggle system
32 Degree Jersey
JT Cargo pants
Renegade knee/shin pads

And barrel condom for safety "Always Play Safe"


Spare Equipment Haven't used it in a year:

Smartparts Shocker
12 volt Evolution Hopper