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GTPL Area 51


Golden Triangle Paintball League

We had two teams for area 51.

As Urban Menace Craig, CJ bell and myself (Michael Jordan) in the First division.

As Urban Menace Black Peter Smyth Jason Chatten and Chris Heard in the afternoon heat

The morning division was wild and fun (except a bad call on my part for the very first game). We should have gone to Area 51 and practice like some of the other teams and maybe I wouldn't have made any stupid mistakes that cost us points, but it could have been worst or so I am told. Other teams in the afternoon the chance to watch and see what worked and what didn't. Are afternoon team Urban Menace Black did great as well.

With a little more practice (we have only had one practice, other than Skyball, and the First GTPL event). We should start kicking some butt.

See ya at the next event.