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What a blast. Its hard to believe how much fun a group of friends can have playing paintball and add the fact it was also at the biggest indoor tournament in North America. Way cool!

Most of us arrived in TO Thursday night (Jeff, Peter and Chris going to the Dome for the Captains meeting). Craig and my self going to the Airport to pickup CJ arriving from Thunder Bay. We hit our only real bump, CJ's bag with his cloths where "Lost in Transit". We later met up at our hotel and we open are New 32 Degree Yellow Jerseys sponsored by Gino Perrone from Champions. We also received free water bottles from Ron in  the Arm Forces recruiting booth.

The next morning we were up at 4:20am. And at the field for 6am. The line ups for air and paint where long at first and then they died down to a few minutes by 10am. The rules where fears "no nonsense".

  1. If you shoot 281 you where pulled.

  2. If you shoot 290 you and another from your team where pulled.

  3. If you moved the bunker you where pulled.

  4. If you where hit and played on you and another from your team where pulled.

  5. If any team member was in the dead box and any exposed part of the dead player was visable from the field another team mate was pulled.

  6. Any arguing with the ref, another player could be pulled.


In our first game we did great. CJ Bell got the flag grab and hang for the team (CJ was the all star. Getting all the hangs and a grab for the Team during the Tournament) 

Urban Menace was also the first team from the Bay of Quinte area to shoot the new Chronic Paintballs from Zap. Chronic was released at Skyball this paint was amazing, small bore great for the Angel and very uniform and has amazing marking capabilities. If you have used Zap before and had problems give Chronic a try. 

All in all we had a blast. Not too bad for a 3 man team playing 5 man for the first time. With two new players we hadn't played with and no one has played since October (5 Months earlier).  The other teams from the states were laughing at us because of this (we got the flag grab, they missed the semis by 8 points ha ha... :-)

We had huge amount of fun just ask Pete about the Hotel rooms!!

Hope to see other teams from the area on the field next year and look forward to practice with some of the teams from Kingston and Toronto. Take a look at the Photo's

Rookie Scores